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Disposable handmade shoe covers

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Disposable handmade shoe covers

 (non-woven handmade shoe covers, non-woven handmade printed shoe covers, SMS handmade shoe covers)

1) Shoe cover material: made of high-quality non-woven fabric, SMS material, there is an elastic elastic mouth inside, which can be flexibly adapted to all adult size shoes, and can make the shoe cover close to your feet, non-plastic, and can be used multiple times , It is breathable and dustproof. More slip-resistant!

2) Shoe cover color and packaging: export packaging (foreign trade products) blue, white, green, pink, dark blue 100 pcs/pack

3) Shoe cover size: 15×40cm 15×45cm (the height is adjustable 15-17cm suitable for all kinds of people)

4) Advantages of shoe covers: Because shoe covers are made of non-woven materials, they are different from ordinary plastic shoe covers, and can play a non-slip effect. For example, women wearing high heels, slow-moving elderly, etc. Usually, shoe covers Put it at home for guests. When it rains or snows, it can be used to put on shoes to prevent slippage! Especially non-woven shoe covers are naturally degradable. Healthier and safer. Suitable for houses, hospitals, laboratories, kindergartens, indoor, outdoor, travel, hiking, gardening, etc.