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Non-woven PP mechanism sleeve cover

(sleeve cover, non-woven sleeve cover, mechanism sleeve cover)

1) Sleeve cover material: made of high-quality non-woven fabric, SMS, and breathable film.

2) Sleeve cover color and packaging: export packaging (foreign trade products) blue, white 10 pcs/roll, 100 pcs/pack.

3) Sleeve cover size: 20×40 cm 22×46 cm

4) Sleeve cover advantages: polypropylene non-woven fabric material is permeable, not only silky and soft, but also has better air permeability than ordinary plastic covers. Suitable for protecting shirt sleeves, skin and arms from glass fiber dust, harmless dry particles, light liquid splash and aerosol. Especially non-woven shoe covers, which are naturally degradable. More sanitary and safer. Suitable for indoor, catering, beauty, food, medical, etc.