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PP and CPE semi-coated shoe cover

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PP and CPE semi-coated shoe cover

(non-woven CPE shoe cover, semi-coated shoe cover, waterproof shoe cover)

1) Shoe cover material: made of high-quality non-woven fabric and CPE material, with elastic elastic mouth, CPE material is much thicker than ordinary shoe covers, which is also environmentally friendly. Non-toxic, no latex, no phthalates, no PVC, comfortable and durable to a certain extent, and the use of high-quality elastic rubber bands, moderate tightness, let you feel comfortable, will not fall when walking , Cleaning, non-slip, deodorant. Features!

2) Shoe cover color and packaging: export packaging (foreign trade products) blue, white 100 pcs/pack

3) Shoe cover size: 15×38cm 17×42cm (the height is adjustable 15-17cm suitable for all kinds of people)

4) Advantages of shoe covers: Because shoe covers are made of CPE material, the biggest feature of disposable shoe covers is that they are convenient to use, and have a wide range of applications, different materials, and corresponding functions. They can be anti-skid, anti-static and dust-proof. Moreover, the price is much cheaper than non-disposable shoe covers, and the handling is also convenient. Healthier and safer. Suitable for houses, hospitals, laboratories, kindergartens, indoor, outdoor, travel, hiking, gardening, etc.